My name is Tim and I am an animal lover, just like you. I have had pets my whole life and currently own two dogs, Raymond and Sophie. Raymond’s a smart, lovable thirteen year-old Rat Terrier I have had since he was 4 months old. And Sophie, who I rescued eight years ago. She is an adorable scruffy terrier who loves to hit the trails! They also love to meet and socialize with other dogs.

Hikes 4 Hounds was conceived the day I decided to pursue my true passions: caring for dogs, staying healthy, keeping fit and having fun. My goal is to share my enthusiasm for life with your dog. The result: happy, well-balanced, healthy dogs!

I believe that dogs need love, attention, consistency and the opportunity to just have fun being a dog! With Hikes 4 Hounds, you can rest assured while you’re away that your dog will have quality walks, affection, a fun playtime and be cared for by a dedicated dog lover.

Being a pet owner myself, I truly understand how your dog is a part of the family. I know how important they are to you and how you want the best for them. So head to work, take that business trip, or fly away on that stress-free vacation with peace of mind that your dog is in excellent care with Hikes 4 Hounds.

Massimo cares for our dogs on the westside. He’s an animal lover much like myself. He’s been around dogs, cats and horses all his life. Massimo is naturally confident and loving towards all pets. He grew up with a boxer and currently owns a ten year old french bulldog named Tofu which he has had since she was four months old. Massimo’s healthy, active lifestyle and positive attitude makes him a great match for all dogs.